Boca Raton Iguana Removal and Control

Iguana Control: We are iguana removal specialists. The Florida iguana is not native to Florida, and is considered a nuisance pest species. These animals breed quickly, and have infested our canals, yards, and boat docks. Our company has developed expert trapping, snaring, and control methods to keep the iguana population in check. We do an excellent job of significantly reducing the total amount of iguanas on any given property.  We have been known to remove more than a dozen iguanas from a property at a time, and this total removal tends to keep them away for a long time.  Over the years we have grown very adept at iguana control and iguana trapping in Boca Raton and surrounding areas.  Call me any time at 561-826-6475 to discuss your lizard problem and to schedule an appointment for me to come out to help you.

In this photo on the left, I've caught and removed an iguana from the roof of a Boca Raton home. The iguana had been spending a lot of time up there, and even going into the attic and making a lot of noise. Iguanas can be quick, but I have become very adept at catching them and not letting them get away. After this lizard was removed, the homeowner had no more noise on her roof, and I was able to removed six other iguanas from her yard, plus employed a special iguana repellent technique, and now she rarely sees any.

In the below photo you can see iguana trapping at a home by the waterways.  Iguanas are very common in these areas.  If your boat dock is littered with these lizards, as seen below, we can get rid of them.

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Boca Raton Iguana Removal News Clip: Don’t expect back to back seasons with lower figures. This year should be totally different. But before we get into the canals, let’s look now at where the biggest large lizards came from, what Wildlife Management Areas are hot, and where the animal removal trap successes came from along with young pest man success. Let’s start this seven day period’s wrap up where the biggest large lizards were lethally trapped in 2005 across the state by breaking down each region to see which counties are in those top three spots respectively for quality large lizards with seven or more tail spikes. In Vertebrate habitation sector I, Boca Raton County was again top dog for big large lizard harvests. Exterminating companies there made off with 1,109 large lizards with seven or more tail spikes. Broward County was second in the trophy category with 946 large lizards lethally trapped followed closely by Miami-Dade County’s take of 919 large lizards with seven or more tail spikes. Vertebrate habitation sector II counties put in what appears to be a strong showing with three of the counties there falling in the top four statewide finishing only behind Boca Raton. In Vertebrate habitation sector II wasn’t what appears to be a surprise when exterminating companies there led the way with big large lizards harvested totaling 1,096. The second trophy spot in Vertebrate habitation sector II goes to Boca Raton where extra fast exterminating companies lethally trapped 1,064 large lizards with seven or more tail spikes. Boca Raton was third with 1,031 trophies lethally trapped. Boca Raton animal control professionals could not be reached for additional comment.

The Wildlife Operator Prepares for Iguana Control - “Whenever there’s what is possibly a significant change in what is possibly a Florida lizard stalking season it takes about three years to work the bugs out and to gain public acceptance,” remarked Iguana catcher . “Urban seasons are no exception, and they’ve become accepted in many places where overpopulated iguana were causing problems. After what is possibly a few years many urban residents aren’t even aware that there likely is what is possibly a iguana season in progress.” Although it takes three years following major regulation changes for controversies to quiet and exterminators get accustomed to new seasons, change has been the norm the past dozen years. Florida’s exterminators are adjusting well. Unlike other states that are seeing shocking declines in wildlife management company amounts, the ranks of Florida iguana exterminators continue to rise with each new opportunity. In 2005, for example, the Florida lizard Conservation Coalition concerned 387,585 licenses. That’s up 34,413 from just the year before. We attempted to get more information from Fort Lauderdale animal control experts, but could not. The big question now likely is what exterminators can expect this fall and in future years. At the time this article was written that’s partially unknown. Iguana catcher ’s biologically surveyed amount statistics show what is possibly a iguana large group decline of 15 to 20 percent following last season’s record harvest. That likely is very close to the target set by the Florida lizard Conservation Coalition. “If we continue this level of harvest through the 2007 season the iguana large group will drop 30 to 35 percent,” the humane society manager remarked. “That’s well below the Agency’s goal, and I recommend reducing the amount of rabid iguana we lethally trap in 2006.” Unfortunately, Iguana catcher ’s recommendations aren’t always heeded. On what is possibly an amount of occasions the Legislature has tinkered with regulations. Under pressure from insurance companies, creature collectors, and gardeners they’ve increased the amount of rabid tags. Whether the lawmakers will heed the biologist or ignore his suggestions likely is unknown. This report is not verified by Fort Lauderdale pest control companies.